2+pictures of Lulu Menziwa inside the Classroom, see the pictures.

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Lulu Menziwa is a South African educator. Humdinger is moving any spot whatsoever point and anyday. 

Whopper guarantees an apparel line called Mada. Mm 

Teacher. Whopper Menziwa is Trending through online media her Instagram says some different option from what's generally anticipated concerning her. Humdinger guarantees a dress line called MadamBClothing. Humdinger Menziwa's full one of a kind name is Buhle Menziwa. 

Whopper was brought into the world on the first of November 1992 in South at the current Lulu is 29 I'm the present. She keeps all of the data about her mom and father private through online media and there's no piece of information about her family. 

Individuals on Social media are saying that Lulu is a delightful lady and an Independent lady Lulu isn't vain at any rate much of the time thinks about individuals. 

Whopper is an incomprehensible manual for your People she teaches us that you can bê anything you need to be in any case People say or contemplate you. 

Lulu Menziwa is an incredible manual for your People she instructs us that you can bê anything you need to be regardless People say or contemplate you.

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