Top 4 Most Beautiful Female Journalists In Kenya 2021.


Kenya is one of the countries with the most beautiful ladies represented by models, fashionistas, celebrities, journalists, and public figures in Africa today. The media industry in Kenya is filled with over 85% of elegant and glamorous female journalists. However, this is accompanied by the level of education, as well as expertise in the journalism and media industry. First, I considered a number of factors in ranking of these female journalists in Kenya. For instance, their magnificence, engagement of followers on social media platforms, as well as integrity and proficiency while on line of duty. Here are the most elegant and hottest female journalists in Kenya.

1. Mashirima Kapombe.

Mashirima Kapombe is a Kiswahili anchor on Citizen TV’s Nipashe. The Daystar alumnus has worked in Q FM, NTV, and later KTN. When she moved to Citizen in 2018, she took other roles, such as writing and editing news items. Mashirima Kapombe anchors the 7 PM news on Fridays. Apart from her program being one of Kiswahili’s most-watched bulletins, Mashirima has a segment known as Longalonga with language pundits. Apart from being a fun segment, Longalonga helps Kenyans to understand different words in Kiswahili. Apart from being one of the most celebrated news anchors in the country, Mashirima Kapombe is a social justice crusader. She is not afraid to call out inequality, especially against women and children. Due to her stand on equality, Mashirima is a role model to many girls across the country. she looks good which attractive many of her fans. Mashirima kapombe Citizen TV Kenya. She’s the most beautiful female journalists in Kenya 2021.

2. Massawe Japanni.

Being a career woman, Massawe has been busy with her job, and therefore she thought it wise to spare some time and bond with her girls. From Baraka FM in Mombasa all the way to Radio Jambo in Nairobi, the radio host has garnered a multitude of fans over the years. Well, away from radio, Massawe is a mother of three beautiful girls who resemble her in every bit. Revered radio host Massawe Japanni has been the love of many people who have been listening to her on different radio station. She is one the most beautiful journalist in kenya. Massawe Japanni, Radio Jambo Kenya.

3. Lulu Hassan.

Lulu Hassan is, without a doubt, the most decorated female Kiswahili anchor in Kenya. Apart from anchoring the Saturday 7 PM bulletin with her husband, Rashid Abdallah, millions of viewers resonate with her because of her empathy and hilarious comments. Like other news anchors in Citizen TV, she was ‘poached’ from KTN. Since then, she has been paired with different anchors until the station paired her with Kanze Dena. For years, the two were a perfect news duo on TV until Kanze left for a State House job. Apart from reading news on weekends, Lulu Hassan is a writer. She has written some of the most popular TV shows in Kenya together with her husband. The most notable one is Maria on Citizen TV. She always look good by her way of dressing and beauty. Lulu Hassan, Citizen TV Kenya. Lulu Hassan is one of the most beautiful female journalist in Kenya in 2021.

4. Foi Wambui.

As a radio host, honestly it doesn’t matter what you wear because no one really cares since they only hear your voice. But on TV, as a visual medium, everything you have on you sends a subliminal message to the audience. So, I have to be careful about what I put on, careful enough not to lose my personal sense of style. I’m just glad that my stylist, Winnie Odande, does a fantastic job at helping me with that. She landed a job on Switch TV Kenya after the departure of Anne Mwaura. She currently hosts The Switchboard alongside Manasseh. She is also one of the most beautiful woman journalists in kenya. She always appear on screen looking beautiful and adorable which is Paramount.

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