Breast Ironing : We Prevent Women From Being Raped By Ironing Their Breasts.

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Breast ironing is an under-reported form of violence against girls from as young as 9 years old. It is done by flattening a girl’s breast through pounding and compressing the breast tissue using hard and heated objects like stones and hammers or even hot Bamboo sticks to try and make them stop developing so that men do not find them sexually attractive and therefore protect them from being raped.

The side effects of this are possible breast cancer, destroyed breast tissue, problems with breastfeeding and depression amongst others.

As the process itself is much more painful, the heated tools often leave scars and wounds which leaves victims vulnerable to infections and other severe complications later in life

Many studies shows that this act is practiced in different countries including:Benin, Chad, Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Togo, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

However it's common in Cameroon, nearly a quarter of girls have been subjected to this devious act.

Every day and morning my mom makes me lifts up to make sure I haven't unwrapped the bandage before setting out for school a victim (girl) of 14 years narrates to a french photographer Gildas Parè.

There is a great need for education to protect our girls against this harmful practice that affects more than 3.8 million girls globally, according to the UN. We need to address the main cause of rape and not subject girls to this inhuman treatment. The problem isn’t women, it never was!

This is non-human act, put a stop to it.

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