Siaya County Gubernatorial Aspirant Left In Suspense After His Running Mate Runs Away From Him

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This year's politics has taken shape with Various political Bigwigs showing interest in various seats in the upcoming general elections.

The independent electoral and boundaries commission on the other hand had issued a deadline for the submission of the running mate names by the presidential candidates and the gubernatorial aspirants countrywide which was on 16th.

After settling on a senior police officer Charles Owino, Nicholas Gumbo has been det with a huge blow after the latter has dropped the ambitions and gone back the the police service.

According to standard digital platform, Charles Owino has dropped the ambitions leaving Gumbo in suspense of choosing another candidate.

"Siaya governor race. Former police spokesman Charles Owino leaves Nicholas Gumbo without running mate after dropping bid. Returning to the police service," standard digital reported.

This is a really hugged blow given Gumbo had spent time with Charles Owino popularizing his bid to succeed the incumbent Coronel Rasanga.

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