Why It Was Necessary For Tega's Husband To Stop People From Voting For Her At The Voting Centre

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After deactivating her Instagram due to online bullying, Tega went on to have an emotional interview with Chude. She talked about her husband, how he cheated on her first by bringing in a woman in their matrimonial home, and also disclosed how he went to the voting center to stop people from voting for her.

Tega revealed that she didn't understand why her husband, Ajeboh Krislawerence, would go to the extent of telling people to stop voting for her. While the decision made by Tega's husband may have painted him to look like a villain and one who is against his wife's success, I have come to observe that his decision no matter how harsh it looked, was necessary and was not intended to hurt Tega.

The reason is that Tega's husband must have felt overwhelmed and embarrassed at the length his wife would go on Tv. So, in order not to see any more of his wife's display and for the embarrassment that would await him outside his home, telling people to stop voting for Tega at the voting center was the easiest and possible way to bring her home.

Tega's husband was simply just being protective of the woman he loves and wanted to save her from further embarrassing herself in public and to himself. In all sincerity, Tega's husband should not be blamed for reacting the way he did. Any loving husband would do the same.

Credit: Instagram/Tega


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