How 16-Years Of Age Kid Impregnated TWIN SISTERS | Photos


The stunning circumstance of a bunch of twin sisters in the Likoko people group in the English-talking area of Cameroon has been uncovered by a Facebook client, Ayisha Toginia.

Toginia, who experienced the pregnant youngsters when they visited the Solidarity Hospital in Buea uncovered that the young ladies were exposed to sexual sales to take care of.

She said, "A striving father accommodating his practically due pregnant girls in suburbia of Buea. Theirs is definitely not a lovely story however an illustration of the truth of life, particularly in emergency stricken English Cameroon.

"This family inhabited Tole where the two sisters (16 years of age) were impregnated by a similar kid of their age in their nearby local area not long before the furnished emergency constrained them to move to Muea where they remained with their father's companion who breaks stones for rock. They needed to leave once more this time on account of lewd behavior from their father's companion."

Mourning the everyday environment of the youngster and their dad, Toginia said that they live in a "decaying board house without any entryways or windows. They rest on a solitary sleeping pad put on the floor without a rug and no covers or extra bedsheets. Their home is encircled by a bramble; a favorable place for mosquitoes and a territory for other perilous creatures and bugs. Their latrine is open by a shrubbery way."

For their lodging, the family pays 5,000 FCFA, lease, which is nearly N4,000 each month.

Toginia said that the pregnant young ladies had no ensured wellspring of nourishment, a reality which is misused by certain individuals from the Likoko people group.

She said, "They don't take care of consistently in light of the fact that their dad can't secure odd positions every day.

"A reality misused by the neighborhood men in the space driving these weak pregnant young ladies to bed which they acknowledge to take care of.

While calling for help for the young ladies, Toginia uncovered that she had the option to give some essential things to the family.


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