"Ni Kubaya" Keroka Town In Kisii Reduced Into A Pool Of Water As Heavy Rain Wreck Havoc

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The rainy season is here and the weatherman has already warned Kenyans across the country to be on the look out especially those living in lowland areas and lands that are regarded unstable.

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News just in indicates that Keroka Town in Kisii county is now a pool of water after heavy rains were Witnessed in the area today.

The heavy rains have reduced the town into a pool of water consuming structures and cars are having very hard time passing through the town. Cars have been forced to pass blindly through the pool of water raising safety concerns.

You can watch the video of the unbelievable seen in Kisii in the Link below:


The incident has exposed the poor drainage in the town and the county government of Kisii should act with speed and put up good drainage system as weatherman points out that the heavy rains are expected to continue.

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