Finally the wait is over as The Premier league officially confirms new Chelsea takeover.

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The saga sorounding the Chelsea takeover seems to coming to an end,since the club have received major boost concerning the new owners.

The Premier league have released an official statement,confirming the approval of Todd Boehly - led Chelsea takeover. According to Nizaar Kinsella,Chelsea takeover is yet to be complete subject only to approval from UK,EU and Portuguese Government,after passing the Premier league Owners' and Directors' test. Boehly and Co were not going to fall down on the checks since they have been very competent on the process.

According to Nick Purewal,Boris Johnson's Spokesman have confirmed they are working closely with Chelsea to finalize the sale,after intense discussion with relevant International partners to get necessary approvals.

After the approval from the EPL, Chelsea are optimistic about a deal being struck tonight with the UK Government,with some technical details being discussed (Via Dan Roan). This will ensure all the sanctions imposed on them lifted after the sale is completed.

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