Traffic Police Manning Roadblock Gets Hit by Overspeeding Vehicle, Narok


A tragic incident has occurred at Soko Mjinga,Narok county after a traffic police officer was knocked down by a vehicle that was overspeeding.

The officer was about his duties Manning the roadblock when this accident took place.There were only two traffic police at the roadblock.

It seems that the officer was injured severely after being hit by the vehicle whose driver sped off after the incident.He lay down on the highway untill he was taken by the residents to a nearby hospital where he is nursing injuries.

It is not clear whether hitting the officer was intentional by the driver or not but the police will do a thorough follow up and interrogate the matter.

Reckless driving has been rampant in the country by drivers who could be under the influence of drugs or alcohol which leads to impaired judgement on the roads.

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