Bathed in Acid, Knived to Death Over Love Child: Tragic Stories of Spouses Murdered by Their Lovers

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Marriage opens the blind eyes of love. That is why a lot people who got married and who hitherto were blinded by love to the character defects of their partners later regret it.

Frustration sets in and their flaws became visible, then they remembered the old saying that “love is blind but marriage will open it.”

Stabbed for having a child out of wedlock

The story of Martins would make every man and woman to think hard before saying I do.

Due to the domestic issues he was facing, Martins started to nurse amrous feelings for a subordinate.

Martins made alcohol his personal assistant. And he began to find a confidant in his secretary at the office. They hung out, spent more time together, and before long, she was carrying his child.

One Saturday morning, the secretary stopped by at Martins’ residence and broke the news to his wife after she failed to get him to take responsibility for the pregnancy.

Funmi, filled with shock, hate, and disgust and rage for Martins, reached for a knife and stabbed her sleeping husband. The cut went deep into his chest. He lost so much blood and died.

Her marriage, which appeared like it was going to be “happily ever after”, ended in irreversible tragedy before her very eyes. Now she is a convict and was pardoned by an ex governor and relocated abroad with a new identity.

The story of Marins and Funmi is fast gaining trend among many couples countrywide.

Newsbreak day after day of deaths caused by marriage disasters. Husbands killing wives. Wives killing husbands. Some own up to the act. Others blame the devil or any other force other than themselves.

The rift between newlyweds trying to adjust to the reality of each other in holy matrimony may be understandable.

But disasters more common in the news are about couples who have been together for many years. Whereas longevity should be the foundation for understanding each other better.

Spousal violence and killings are carried out by both men and women, although – as in most crimes – men commit more.

Teenager sets husband on fire

On May, Asiya Lawal, 18, allegedly killed her husband, Iliya Sani, in Funtua, Katsina State.

Police said the new bride had a misunderstanding with her husband, locked him in a room and set the house ablaze.

Iliya was first taken to the Funtua General Hospital where he was referred to Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH), Zaria.

Police prosecutor, Kabir Mohammed, told a Magistrate’s Court that the man died at ABUTH as a result of fire burns in his body.

Killed for having a fling

On May 5, Lekan Shonde allegedly slew his wife, Ronke, in cold blood during a fight. They lived in the Egbeda area of Lagos and had been married for eight years.

After failed attempts to flee to neighbouring Benin Republic and then to Ghana, Shonde was finally arresred. He claimed that he and his wife had argued over her infidelity the night of the incident but denied killing her.

“The cause of the quarrel was infidelity. I over-heard her discussing on the phone with one Kayode, who was her boss and lover.

“I never killed my wife. We had a normal quarrel after she owned up that she had a man friend. We didn’t talk overnight. She held my legs begging as I was leaving the house that morning. And I pushed her away.

“As I left the house my son bolted the door behind me. Later, our nanny called to alert me of what had happened. I immediately called my landlady’s daughter, who confirmed that my wife was dead.

“As I was rushing back home, neighbours called to inform me that policemen were there and that I should run away. That was why I ran away,” Shonde told journalists when police paraded him at Oduduwa police station, Ikeja.

Breadwinner wife murdered

Also in May, Jafaru Sougie, 49, who lives in the Oshodi area of Lagos, slit the throat of the wife he had been married to for 26 years.

His wife, Roseline, was a trader, mother of five, and the breadwinner as he was without a job.

Just like Shonde, Jafaru accused his wife of infidelity and was frequently heard beating her up, which made landlords to eject them from previous apartments.

Roseline’s elder sister, Kate Yakubu, said she (Roseline) was bent on a divorce two years earlier but was persuaded to stay in the marriage because of her children.

Their son, Richmond, 16, recounted: “My three siblings, our aunt, and I slept in the living room while dad and mum were inside. Around 4am, dad, called me from the bathroom. I went to meet him but he did not say anything.

“I went outside to urinate and when I came back, I checked the bathroom and saw him lying down, vomiting some black substance and excreting on his body. I think he poisoned himself.

“I told my aunt to wake mum up to attend to him. But she didn’t wake up. I shone a flashlight on her and saw blood on the bed with a wide cut on her neck. I fainted when we discovered she was dead.

“When we asked dad how it happened, he said somebody entered and did it; whereas the compound gate is always locked in the night.

“It was mum that took care of us. She was the one sponsoring my elder brother, Collins, who just gained admission to a university in Abia State. I don’t know our fate now.”

Days later, Jafaru died in police custody as a result of the poisonous substance he drank at home.

Stabbed to death over love child

In February, 2018 in Oyo State, it was a wife attacking her husband in the case of a lawyer with the Ministry of Justice, Yewande Oyediran, where she is a state counsel.

She also allegedly used a sharp object (a knife) to kill her husband, Oyelowo.

The couple had an argument the night of the incident over Oyelowo’s proposed foreign business trip which would include a visit to his son (from another woman) in Europe.

Displeased with the plan, Yewande allegedly stabbed him on the left shoulder narrowly missing his heart. He was taken to the hospital by a neighbour.

With the hope that tension had ended, Oyelowo returned home. The 38-year-old was later heard in pain by neighbours after Yewande allegedly stabbed him again, this time in the neck. He was dead on arrival at the hospital.

Yewande pleaded not guilty at the Oyo State High Court, Ibadan. Yewande was sentenced to seven years in prison which infuriated many civil society organizations.

Man, 70, kills wife over adultery

On June 21, 2015, Ita Daniel, aged 70, was paraded by the police in Akwa Ibom State for killing his wife with a machete in their one-room apartment.

Daniel, from Mbi Okporo village in Nsit-Ibium Council, admitted that he killed Alice, 60, over adultery.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) in-charge of state Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Mike Okoli, said Daniel confessed to the crime.

In a separate interview, Daniel told journalists that his wife left him several times but was coming back to the house with other men.

“We were no longer together but she was still bringing men to my house. When I complained she would beat me up. There was a day we had a disagreement and fight ensued and my legs were injured.

“That fateful day I was sleeping in the room when she came and said she would either kill me or I killed her. That was how it happened,” he narrated.

A man bathes fiancee with acid

In July 2014, detectives at the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FEDSARS) in Adeniyi Adele, Lagos held in custody Monday Osakwe for pouring acid on his fiancee and carrying out armed robberies.

Osakwe, 34, was charged to court for “attack and inflicting body harm on another person.”

Veronica Mbakwe was attacked with acid on June 22 and taken to hospital.

Police confirmed that she and Osakwe “have been living in the same apartment as lovers for over five years. Neighbours said they were planning their formal marriage ceremony in December 2014.”


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