Sundowns Star Seen Doing This With " Ferrari F1 Racing Car "

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A few teams have reported for duty in their respective teams for training. Some players are still enjoying time with family. However Sundowns star has been enjoying himself in the gulf region.

He was seen enjoying himself with his teammates Tebogo Mokoena not so long ago in Dubai.

Grant Kekana is definitely having a time of his life in Abu Dabhi.

He has worked very hard this season which saw him playing significant amount of games at Sundowns. Many were doubtful that he will not make a starting eleven, when he joined Sundowns. He proved many doubters wrong.

He even caught the eye of Hugo Broos in Bafana.

He was recently seen at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. This is one of the areas which attracts a lot of tourist in that area.

These is the same place were American actor and comedian Kevin Hart was seen enjoying a ride on the world fastest rollercoaster which brought tears of joy to his eyes. 

Grant took some time to navigate Ferrari world Abu Dhabi.

We often see F1 cars racing. We can't get enough of the adrenalin, and car crushing that comes with part of the sport and drivers. The changing of wheels and how they win the race after a lot of difficulty.

Those who are involved and helping the driver. They play a big role of support.

Grant Kekana had an experience that he could not buy from the shop. This comes after he experience first hand. what those people are going through during the race. This can also make you understand the sport better.

He was competing with his associates, on who is the fastest to change the big wheel of a Ferrari F1 racing car. 

However it seems like Grant kekana lost the challenge as his wheel was not properly aligned after the he had worked on it. An instructor was guiding the 2 gentlemen. He was heard shouting instruction, saying go faster while Grant was fastening the wheel, while the time was counting down.

Grant lost the the challenge to Rabbie Mashego his associates.

He was disappointed. He clearly doesn't like to lose. He is used to winning. However I believe he enjoyed himself. It was quite an eye opening experience for him.



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