Zee TV set to air popular tv series "Twist of fate" this July


The popular zee world television series "Twist of fate" and "This is fate" is set to be aired July 2020. In accordance to zee news, famous zee world actress Sriti Jha reveals "the story of Prachi and Ranbir will certainly have a major turning point. Their silence will create separation for the duo, while their confession of love for each other could be the beginning of another true love story that viewers have been waiting to watch".

The new episodes of "This is fate" will unravel the fate of Preeta's love for Karan Luthra. According to the zee world television actress "Shraddha Arya", who plays the role of Preeta in the show(This is fate) said; "Preeta isn't sure if she should let her head rule her heart vice-versa when it comes to Karan". But the new episode brings forth more determined Preeta who will open karan's eye to the conspiracies plotted by their foes in order to wreck havoc in their relationship.

The shows and more thrilling dramas are air on Zee TV.

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