Muslim Woman Converts To Christianity, Her Reason's Will Amaze You.

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A sinister undertone permeates Bassma's missionary endeavors. Through the internet, she is convincing others to abandon Islam, putting their lives in danger in the process.

Having converted to Christianity at a Tunisian university and then immigrating to Canada, Bassma's family initially rejected her, and she now works with Voice of the Martyrs on leadership development initiatives.

It was founded on Christian principles that Tunisia is today. During the Islamic migration west from Saudi Arabia, the great Arab army seized control of a vast tract of country, offering locals the choice between converting to Islam or being executed. Overall, it was an effective approach to proselytization.

"Did I end up becoming a Muslim by chance?" I wondered. Bassma questioned while researching Tunisia's conversion to Islam from Christianity, which was depicted in the film 100 Huntley Street. "May I conduct additional religious research?"

She turned to the Bible for guidance, and what she read had a significant impact. Everything she had taken for granted since she was a child began to crumble in front of her eyes.

That there is a significant difference between how Jesus dealt with and valued women and how Islam treats women struck her as the most striking difference. As a result of the Koran's treatment of women as second-class citizens,

When she became a Christian, she experienced a significant change in her personality.

"Believe it or not, I used to be a bit of an introvert," she admits candidly. It made me feel unwelcome in Islam because I was a woman, says the author.

As a result of Tunisia's less oppressive environment than other Muslim countries, Bassma felt free to share her faith with anyone she encountered (usually, countries closer to Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, are more orthodox).

My conversion to Christianity made me realize that I wasn't a Muslim. "I just knew I was on the right path," Bassma explains. As a result of my excitement, "I informed everyone around me that I would be "going on top of the roof."

The Pursuit of Happiness And Liberation in Jesus

In fact, it is this happiness that she shares with other Muslim women on the internet. They are frequently persuaded to reconsider their position. It's possible that they'll face severe persecution if they live in a more conservative country, as my female acquaintance who was burned at the stake did.

The Missiologist and Director of Leadership Development for Voice of the Martyrs Canada, Bassma has a doctorate in ministry with a focus on leadership. It was also in 2017 that she tied the knot with Rev. Riadh Jaballah and published Online Discipling of North African Isolated Christians with Muslim Background, both of which were first published in 2017.

Mission Network News reported that in Northern Africa and the Middle East, "the Church is blooming, it's actually prospering." Bassma expressed his excitement about the state of the Church in the region. Despite everything we hear on the news, reports from that part of the world are inspiring and give us reason to be optimistic.. " "Every day, despite the danger, thousands upon thousands of people come to faith in Christ."

Bassma claims that she has reconciled with every member of her family after being shunned by them following her conversion to Christianity. "They recognize that I acted on my convictions."

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