Mistakes We Make Before Marriage

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We all make mistakes in life as human beings. In choosing partners to marry, only one mistake can destroy our entire life. The same way we can make mistakes that will destroy our marriages through the mistakes that we do before marriage and make us unhappy throughout our marriage life.

Below are some key points we need to know before settling down with your partners

1.      Prayer

Everybody must pray hard towards his or her marriage. Some Pastors are saying that God doesn’t give anyone a spouse or marriage. Sometimes people follow such Pastors because of their level of education. If a Pastor says that God cannot give marriage, Apostle Enoch Manu (General Overseer of the Glory of God Church International) Author of The Mistakes We Do Before Marriage, says he doesn’t agree with those Pastors because if God can give you money through people, then He can give you marriage as well.

2.      Types of Marriages

There are some marriages that are from God and some are not. Some are brought together by God Himself and there are some that even happen in church but not from God. Since everything we need we ask God so pray for your marriage, before, during and after.

3.       Meeting Each Other

You should keep in mind that wherever you meet your partner apart from the house of God can be destroyed at the same place so be careful where you choose your marriage partner. Don’t choose a husband from funeral grounds, drinking bars, hotels, party grounds, etc. Most men cajole women to fall in love with them. When a man or a woman sees you and fall in love with you immediately, that person is full of lust and that person cannot be a responsible spouse. If you see someone you like, it should take sometime before approaching the person. You don’t follow the person but do background checks before.

4.     Peer Pressure

Many people follow their friends advice in choosing a partner. Don’t listen to your friend in making a choice. We all have our type of men and women we like. Look for what you like. Don’t follow a friend. Be careful of your eyes and choose exactly what type you want because everybody has a choice. Peer pressure from friends destroys our good plans towards marriage. We follow friends and make the wrong choices while we can make the right choices on our own. Everyone has a type of partner he or she wants.

5.     Investigation Before Proposal

Some people accept proposals immediately the person tell them they love them before they even get the chance to investigate them. Some people give bribes to family members so that when they ask about them they will say good things about them which are obviously not the truth and after the marriage then the people will change and become different people all together. Do not accept proposal from anyone without investigating them first.  You have to give him an excuse and investigate him first. If you accept before investigating you will be in trouble. Investigate before accepting.

6.     Knowing Each Other

A man and a woman needs to know what the person they are going to marry likes and dislikes. Eg. Some men likes beads and others don’t like it same way some women like beads and others don’t like it. You should tell the other your likes and dislikes. If you are a man and you don’t like beads go for a woman who does not and if you are a man and you like beads go for a woman who likes it because it can bring trouble in the marriage. God said your bodies belong to each other so anything the other pey want you have to do it for him or her. Tell each other exactly what you want so that you will do it in the marriage because if the man says I like big beads and you put on small beads it’s like you don’t respect him and it is vise versa. Ask your partner their likes and do them in the marriage. If he likes mini skirt, you have to put it on so be careful and know the exact things each of you likes. If he like fufu and you don’t, you have to tell him because if you get married you have to do it for him.

7.     Behavior

If you ask any woman the type of man she wants she will say the one who doesn’t beat a woman and believes in God. If you the woman is not a good woman, how can you get a good man and same as the man looking for a good woman is not good himself. The lady wants a Christian to marry likewise the man but the lady has a boyfriend and the man too has many girlfriends so how can God bring you a good person to marry. If you date married men, then get ready because your husband will also do that when you get married. Boyfriend and girlfriend is enjoyable but marriage is a different ball game altogether. If you give your husband good food from the beginning it will benefit you. Don’t do things for a partner when you meet each other which you know you cannot do them all through your marriage lives.

8.     Dressing

There may be a type of dressing that does not fit you but because it’s fashion you want to wear it. Please don’t wear it to put your partner off. You may have bad legs but you wear mini skirt, which is not nice but you will do it. You wear the mini skirt to attract the men but it will rather put them off.

9.     Hygiene

Body odour and smell from the mouth and tongue put people off. If you are a woman who likes kisses, you will have to brush your teeth well and brush your tongue well. When you get married you will have to check always whether your mouth is smelling or not. There are lots of brushes that have long bristles that you can use. Sometimes the type of toothpaste we use make our mouth smell. Sugary things are not good for women because it makes their private part watery and many men also like salt which is also not good and it gives them problems during intimacy.

These are some few points that can help us not to make mistakes before getting married.


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