Did You Know That Something Comes Out Of Your Face When You Sleep? Find Out More


If your face feels suddenly itchy, don't worry if I read about dust mites, I used to feel the same thing.

They are also known as arachnids and look like ticks. They are on the face of all the adults and nothing can be done to remove them.

Don't be afraid, in face of adult pores they live peacefully. They are not found on babies and are considered to be transmitted by maternal contact, according to some information.

In both men and women, they live deep in the pores in the roots of facial hair follicles. These with eight legs are microscopic in size and transparent.

Their food is the oil that your face produces, which they feed on.

During the day, you sleep and during the night we sleep. They knock on the skin surface to matte, the male searches for the female and mate it on the skin surface.

The most oil-free part of your face is where you are most likely to find it.

Studies show that when the number increases overly in small quantities, a skin condition (red or white spot on the skin) is not harmful. It is called demodification.

A dermatologist says most people live with their dust mites peacefully until they are old. Even they have no anuses, so they keep their poop until they die.

You have no reason to be scared, some things are natural and we no control over them....share with others so that they can also be aware of it

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