Opinion: Know your partner well


Have you ever sat down and asked yourself a question?

Have to ever looked at the person besides you and asked yourself what you saw in her or him?

Have you ever played a roll in your head imagining how he or she will react when angered? When their hidden self gets triggered?

It's not only about the rush of feelings, the butterflies in your stomach, that's if there is any butterfly though.

It's not only about kiss me, I kiss you back.

Or only about cuddling up in his or her arms.

Is he or she really what you want in someone you chose to be intimate with?

Does he or she have what you want in a partner?

Do they listen to your opinions?

Or are you mandated to not say your opinions?

Have he seen you in your worst and still say that he won't leave you?

Or are you still swallowing and not trying to show yourself?

Going into a relationship is not just because feelings carried you off your feet.

That's why it's proper and more better to start anything with just friendship, it's during friendship that you will have the clear mind that hasn't been messed with emotions to check out this or that person and know if he or she is what you want in a partner.

And that's when you will be sure that you want to date this person, at least you have seen somethings you like in him or her. But that doesn't mean that one can't check out those things in relationship.

Just that the rush of feelings might interfere, emotions might want to blind you, believe it or not, time will come when those feelings will no longer be there, when your heart will be cleared from the emotions, only then will you start seeing what you wouldn't have agreed to if you had bothered to do your survey. 

And also, when those feelings vanish, the only thing that might keep you going with that person is probably because they have what you want, you took the time to check every part of him or her you could see, you found what you love in him or her so when the emotions seems to be disappearing, those things you saw in him will be a help for you coupled with the fear of God, of course, to reignite those feelings.

Loving someone is a decision and not a feeling.

You don't fall in love by chance, you chose to.

I don't believe in love at first sight, it's infatuation at first sight not love.

Love which is sacrifice can't happen to you at first sight, will you sacrifice something for someone you just walked up to the table for the first time to have lunch with? Will you???? No, you won't. 

The only person that can love you at first sight and even before you were born is God. 

Above all, don't date your PROBLEM.

Don't date with tolerance, cos if you happen to marry him or her, you will tolerate what you could have avoided through out the rest of your life.

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