"You Will Force DP Ruto To Look For Raila" Kenya Kwanza Ally Tells Rift Valley Residents

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A close ally of DP Ruto has revealed that there is a possibility of handshake between the Kenya Kwanza Alliance leader and the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance presidential candidate Raila Odinga in a post-elections agreement.

Kimilili member of Parliament Didmus Barasa has warned the residents of Rift Valley that if they do not vote for UDA and Kenya Kwanza Alliance parliamentary candidates, then the UDA presidential candidate will not be able to govern effective effectively as the opponents will ensure his legislative agender is completely paralysed.

In a video published on Barasa's social media platforms, he said in the event that Dr Ruto is elected president but with few members of Parliament, he would be forced to work with the ODM leader in order to get the numbers in needed in parliament.

He told the residents that if they really wanted a successful Ruto presidency, then they should elect UDA and Kenya Kwanza Alliance candidates, and avoid the independent candidates as they are considered politically "poisonous".

Link: https://twitter.com/DidmusWaBarasa/status/1543282195590152192?t=-78F-9PNF8ZHcD86lukR-Q&s=19

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