Mateo Kovasic Reveals The Chelsea Player Who Gives The Squad A lot Of Calmness.

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Monday 13th September 2021.

Chelsea's midfielder broke his silence over the squad that is giving European teams sleepless nights.

During a press conference Mateo kovasic was happy that indeed the chelsea squad is of a lot of quality players.

However he stated that Chelsea's defender Thiago Silva gives the squad a lot of calmness which is necessary during games.

Kovasic revealed that the team spirit in this squad is amazing. Every player wants to give the best for the club and the coach is helping them achieve.

The Croatian international scored the second goal for Chelsea on Saturday and had a brilliant assist for the first goal.

Thiago Silva joined Chelsea after he was dumped by PSG for not winning the champions league. However he has been amazing at Chelsea.

His confidence, experience and leadership makes him an exemplary player. He is capable of making things happen even at the age of 38.

Chelsea squad looks dangerous and are now one of the favorites for the premier league tho season. They also want to win back to back champions league.

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