3 Lesson To Learn From The Farewell Speech Of Pastor Adeboye During The Burial Of His Late Son.


In this article, we will be bringing out a few lessons to learn from The Farewell Speech Of Pastor Adeboye During The Burial Of His Late Son.

It is no longer news that the General overseer and spiritual director of Redeem Church of God lost his third son Pastor Dare Adeboye at age 42.

At the burial today, Pastor E A Adeboye in his farewell speech said whatever we have on Earth is given to us by God, be it our WEALTH, our WIFE, our HUSBAND and our CHILDREN.

First Lesson: Some scenarios are relatable to what happened to Job in the Bible therefore, we should always give all the Glory back to God for actually giving us the privilege to enjoy anything because whatever we have is been given to us by God.

The Man of God made reference to how God took away Ezekiel's wife from him and asked him not to mourn over her in Ezekiel 24 VS 16.

Second Lesson: when we Mourn, we might offend God because God is always faithful and will never allow any temptation that is above us to come close to us.

He further explains that Whatever we see as sorrows today might be joy in the sight of God because His (GOD) ways and thoughts are not the same as ours and we shouldn't forget that both good and bad happens at God's command LAMENTATIONS 3 vs 38.

Third Lesson: God's ways and thoughts are far different from man's thoughts and ways therefore, we should never forget to thank God because everythings happens at God's commandments.

Something happens because God wants to test our faith.

Finally, the Spiritual director of the Redeemed Christian Church of God urges everyone to Learn how to say "thank You Father and IT IS WELL '' in all things that happen.

God bless you all in Jesus Name.

Thanks for your time and never fail to pray for this world we are in now.

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