"Otile Brown is very Cute and I love Him " Ssaru Reveals Her Huge Crush on Otile Brown

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Kenyan young rapper ssaru has come openly to express her crush on Kenyan best Rnb singer Otile Brown. In an Interview with Obinna,Ssaru said that she really loves Otile Brown and she loves Otile because of his cute brown face and also his voice.

Ssaru said that she has been having a crush on Otile Brown and she has been salivating on him for quite a long time. She said that every girl loves Otile and Otile is the most handsome male artist in Kenya.

Here is the link to the full video of Ssaru admitting that she loves Otile Brown.


I think Otile is very cute and handsome, his voice only is enough to convince every girl to fall in love with him. Otile is currently in a relationship with her Ethiopian girl, they have been in a long distance relationship for more than two years, so he is taken and it is like he will settle with Nabbii.

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