2 Reasons Why No One Should Insult Queen For Cheating On Her Partner

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There are a lot of reality shows in Africa and one of them happens to be Big Brother Naija which is arguably the most-watched TV show in Nigeria at the moment and ever since the sixth edition started, a lot of things have been going on between the housemates and some of them have been evicted, however, one of the housemates who is still in the house, Queen made an open confession to Cross that she cheated on her Lebanese boyfriend with her school boyfriend because of his private part due to the reason that he was not circumcised. However, a lot of reactions have been going on social media due to what Queen revealed to Cross.

In my opinion, I will be sharing my views on why people should stop insulting Queen due to what she told Cross and for cheating on her boyfriend.

1. In the Big Brother house, a lot of housemates usually share their past with other housemates that they are close to, and I think no one should insult Queen for sharing her past with Cross.

2. In conclusion, Queen is a mature lady who knows what is right and wrong. She made her choice by deciding what was best for her.

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