2 Common Mistakes We Do While Charging Smartphones, Causing Damage To Battery

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Many phone users tend to complain that their device’s batteries discharge quickly. They also typically blame the product manufacturer for this issue; however, the manufacturer isn’t always at fault. Here are two mistakes that users should avoid when charging your phones.


You leave your phone to charge overnight

If you leave your phone to charge all night long, you will waste electricity and you will charge the battery more than necessary. This will also spoil the charging cycles of the battery.

Another reason to never leave the phone charging overnight is to be sure it doesn’t overheat.

Don't leave your phone in its case when charging

If you keep your smartphone in a case or cover, always remove it before charging. During charging, the battery can get quite warm. When the phone is in a case, this warmth gets trapped in the phone and the increased temperature can cause damage to it.

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