5 Little Things That Tell You A Lot About Someone

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We all have habits, traits or characteristics that steer us clear of certain people. These can be obvious like someone who just speaks loudly all the time or a person that tends to end off every sentence like a question and these little things tell us something about a person so I've got 5 more little things that tell you a lot about someone.

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1. How They Treat Their Mother

I’m sure you've met people that have treated their mothers with such disrespect that you feel yourself cringing with embarrassment. Not only does this behaviour say a lot about that person but it also says a lot about the mother. And while you don't know the background to every mother-child relationship, you can agree that treating a parent with disrespect is not a good look for anybody


2. How They Speak About and To Other People

There's a Turkish proverb that says ‘who gossips to you will gossip of you.’ People who speak badly of other people are toxic, and not the kind of people you want to hang out with. it's not always that obvious either. There are many subtle ways that people will break someone else down. You're in a group of people and someone asks if you've read a certain book, you reply that you haven't and their response is I can't believe you haven't read that book everyone has read it. It’s a little thing but the sort of comment that makes that person feel bad and says a lot about the person making it.


3. Whether Someone Puts Things Away When They're Done

This shows their level of concern for others. If they cared about others and their well-being, they wouldn't try and make things more challenging for them. Many marriages have failed because of a washing machine, one partner repeatedly requests for the dirty clothes to be packed straight into the dishwasher and the other doesn't oblige. The person asking for a divorce cannot understand why the partner respects him or her so little, they wouldn't do this one simple thing being asked of them. Putting things away doesn't just show respect for others but it saves you time and energy when you always know where to find things.


4. How They Treat Animals

We can think of dozens of examples where a person reveals a lot about their personality through animals. You see a stray dog running close to the road and the person says something like it's just a stray dog it doesn't matter or you've just told someone your cat has died and their response is at least “it's not a child.” These responses may mean nothing to the person saying them but to the one on the receiving end, it means everything and we suggest you walk away.


5. How They React To Criticism

Remember in the playground when someone would call you names and you would shout back with ‘I know you are but what am I now?’ Let's move ahead in time and find out how people behave when they're being told something about themselves they really don't want to hear. As an adult, we'll definitely not reply with I know you are but what am I but there are other ways we could respond that won't reflect well on our personality. If we fire back and give the person offering a critique a taste of their own medicine, well that's just silly. However, if we gracefully accept the criticism, think about it and then choose what we decide to change or not, that is the best way forward for all parties involved.


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