Tension High As Putin Orders Preparation of List of Countries That Have Imposed Sanctions on Russia

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over a week now since the President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to invade Ukraine, a country that belonged to part of the USSR before annexing itself in the 90s.

According to media reports, over 2000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed since day one of the war and despite the rising fatalities Russia is showing no signs of ending the war even as the Western Countries impose more sanctions on Russia.

Well, as the economic consequences continue to be felt across the vast Russian Federation as a result of sanctions, President Putin according to Worldwide Media House Spectator Index, has instructed his Government to prepare a list of countries that have imposed any sanctions on any Russian companies or nationals so that they may retaliate in the near future.

News across media platforms are reporting that Russia has already started shutting off flow of it petroleum products and gases to Europe.

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