She Asked Her Mom For Some Money Then Her Mom Did This To Her


Most African parents are usually hilarious when they are dealing with their children. This lady took to Twitter to share the screenshot of the chat she had with her mom and people can’t help but react to what her mom did to her. 

It was a chat between her and her mom where she asked her mom if she should send her Aza. Aza is a Nigerian slang for account details. That is when someone asks you to send your Aza, they are asking you to give them your account details. So that was what this lady was trying to send to her mom. She asked her mom if she should send her account details to her.

She sent the message to her mom, hoping to get a positive from her, but her mom gave her a funny response. Instead of telling her directly that she should not send her account details, because she doesn’t have any money to give to her, she did something hilarious. 

She took a selfie of her sleeping, then send it back to her daughter. After she sent her the selfie of her sleeping, she then sent her another message saying she is fast asleep. This is very funny, because it won’t have been possible for someone who is fast asleep to send a picture of herself sleeping and still keep on sending messages.

The lady known as Oreoluwanimi on Twitter shared the screenshot of the funny chat of her with her mom and captioned it saying “I don’t like my mummy like that”.

This has made a lot of people react. Some people do think African parents are always strict and don’t play or have fun with their children, but it is not true and this lady’s mom is a proof that African parents also have a good sense of humour and sarcasm.

What hilarious experience do you have with your parents?