Why many Athletes come from Rift valley part of Kenya than other parts of Kenya


Many of Kenyan especially those of us from regions that do not pruduce athletes every year have been wondering why? and hear is the answer . when you look at the likes of Eliud kipchoge who comes from rift valley specifically eldoret in Uasin gishu county in the year 2019 in ineos vienna break a record for running a distance of 42km in one hour, fifty nine minutes and forty seconds.

Here you are at the right place to know and acquaint yourself with the truth why many athletes come from fifty valley. Let me cite most of these counties that produce these famaus athletes in kenya and they include Uasin gishu county where Kipchoge comes from, Nandi county, Elgeyo market, Kericho and Bomet.

To be straight forward on the point, let us take alittle time to know and understand more about those regions where they are situated and have an analogy with other regions like Nyanza kenya, Western kenya and the coast part of kenya which do not produce most of the athletes.

So these rift valley regions where most athletes come from is that they are situated in high altitude areas.This means that in these regions have insufficient amount of oxgyen , so people living in this region have their bodies undergo changes/mutation to manufacture more red blood cells in their bodies which are responsible for carrying and transport of oxgyen in the body that reacts with food to release more energy and break down pyruvic acid which accumulates in the muscle to cause fatigue and tiredness, and this means that these people don't easily get tired because they have large number of red blood cells and in leu, their bodies have sufficient and access to more oxgyen hence they prevail in every marathon activities that other people who dont come from those regions.

On the other hand, to those people who come from other regions like nyanza , western and coast which are lowland areas is that these regions is that these areas have sufficient oxgyen but the people living in these regions don't have much red blood cells as compared to those from high altitude areas. So this means that their bodies have insuffient oxgyen due to lower number of red blood cells in their bodies to carry sufficient oxgyen to break down excess pyruvic acid that has accumilated in tissues hence causing fatigue and tiredness and due to this, many people don't withstand it when they engage in a short Marathon race which lead to many of them gusping and others end up fainting due to having insufficient oxgyen.

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