OPINION: Can The South Survive Without Us? A Northerner Once Called For The Unity Of all Northerners


The call for a quick secession from some mentally derained people in this country has made some of the different regions to start thinking of how they can survive independently.

The truth of the whole matter is that no part of these nation Nigeria can totally survive on their own, we all need the different resources from each each ethics groups to survive.

Nigeria still stands due to the collective efforts of all its regions, for example, the oil we use in preparation of our foods in being produced in the south, likewise the tomatoes and onions been used in the Southern parts of Nigeria are being sent from the North.

This illustrates that each naturally endowed region with diverse resources and unique gifts still need resources from other regions to comfortably survive.

Just recently, a northerner with the Twitter username Shehu Dantata erred his own views and opinion after the acclaimed activist Sunday Igboho called for the creation of Oduduwa Republic.

Shehu according to his tweet said that the southwestern part of Nigeria can survive without it's northern brothers, as he called on all Northerners, advising them to come together and take full advantage of their natural endowments and resources so as to be independent and survive comfortably without the Southwesters.

Read his Tweet below.

Is this actually the way forward for Nigeria?

Instead of quarrel, Should we not be bothered about uniting Nigeria as a nation by resolving our ethics differences, instead of finding ways to survive alonen

The unity of this great country is at stake, as different individuals with their independent motives arise.

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