Do you remember Prince David Osei – See what he said that caused massive stir.


“God told me I’ll be Ghana’s president one day”

 Do you remember the sensational Ghanaian actor, model, producer, director and a philanthropist, Prince David Osei? He has featured in many Ghanaian and Nigerian movies, including Fortune Island, Last Night, Hero, Forbidden Fruit and others. He has also featured in the American movie titled The Dead.

What has happened

 The actor has made a statement implicating that he is destined to rule Ghana one day as President. He explained that God specifically told him and he believes it shall one day come to pass. Me 

“I will be the President of Ghana someday. In life, everybody and what God gives them. Sometimes you might look unqualified, you might look like you are not the one. That has always been my story, I know who I am and who I trust in,” Prince said.

Meanwhile he had made some statement sometime ago connecting him to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) so as he revealed this aspiration, a lot of Ghanaians have being anticipating him joining the Party.

 “As for NDC they have done their term, we need to move forward, we need to progress. The prosperity of Ghana lies in the hands of this man. We need to progress, we can't go back so please I'm indulging you all at home. Me I'm a sensible human being so I can't support something which is bad. I reason and think logically,” he said.

 According to David he said that he is personally related to God and that he believes in God’s promise to him, explaining that God told him, when he was seventeen years old, that he would be President of the nation.

 Meanwhile the actual date for the manifestation of this prophecy is pending but the actor hope it will not tarry for long.