Here is the reason why your relationship can not go back to normal after cheating

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Your relationship can not go back to normal after cheating? Reason is because the trust has been broken.

until you love your husband or wife but he started cheating on you it is not easy to trust him or her because that opportunity or any mistake he or she makes will wake up if you have cheated before.

So once your partner cheated on you the trust in the relationship is broken and once the trust is broken down which means anytime the relationship will fade because there's no trust in the relationship.

And while its true that a marriage or relationship can survive cheating, can a relationship go back to normal after cheating yes they can be normal but with pretending.

Because they eill hide the way they feel because of the kids , To say that much of what will happen to this marriage will be in the name of the children will not be separated because it protects the children but this marriage will no longer be the same.

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