"I am A Mother Of 10, Expecting 11th Born, But Still my Husband Wants 22 Children" Woman Narrates

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Gentrix Nekesa, a married woman aged 30, has narrated her ordeal at the hands of her husband, who wants her to birth 22 children for him. She is also a mother of 10 and she is expecting her 11th child. She claims that her husband has refused to accept family planning, claiming that it is against his tradition and that he wants 22 children.

Her husband is a jobless man but wants her to birth 22 children for him, or else he will send her back to her father's house and marry another woman who will birth 22 children for him. She claimed her husband refused to use contraceptive, calling it an abomination and against their traditional values.

She already birthed 10 children and pregnant with their 11th, she's already overwhelmed by the family responsibilities since she's the main breadwinner of their children. Her husband insists he will be regarded as less of a man if she doesn't bear him 22 children. 

Her husband's tradition demands she birth him 22 children even though he's jobless, they are poor, their children are not in school and she's the sole bread winner. If you're this woman, what will you do?

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