Fresh Details On Murder Of 5 Women As Main Suspect Reveal He Killed 7 People Last Year

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Six suspects were apprehended by detectives last week in connection with the brutal killings of three women in Mawanga estate, Bahati, Nakuru county.

Evans Michori Kabwaro, 24, is the main suspect after confessing to the women's deaths.

He is thought to have carried out at least 7 killings in the same manner as the Mawanga 3 over the course of a single year.

He was involved in the killing of three kids in Nakuru's Miti Mingi neighborhood in May of last year. Additionally, on June 1st, he contributed to the deaths of a 42-year-old lady and her children.

Evans was also a suspect in the cold-blooded murder and arson of a 21-year-old housekeeper on December 2, 2021.

He seized the victims' cell phones after the cold-blooded killings and put his sim cards in them, which he then turned on and off at various intervals.

As police continue to look for other Nakuru murder suspects, the suspects will be charged on Monday.

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