I destroyed my womb because I wanted a baby girl but instead, I got five boys.


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In the 21st century, all lot of people are struggling to get at least a child regardless of the gender. This is mostly due to problems like infertility and spiritual backgrounds.

This woman claims she has 5 boys with two different men and she is currently taking care of them with a little support from her ex husbands as she is currently single. From her young age, she loved to have girls more than boys so she intended on having her children as girls but he who provides children unto a woman does not do so on one’s preferences.

She had looked forward to having a girl from from the day she got pregnant but since she didn’t get a girl after her fifth delivery, she destroyed her womb as she grieved and has planned on not giving birth.

Her first child is battling with epilepsy and she is finding it difficult to pay for medical attention. Even though she thinks her first child is brilliant, his sickness causes her to spend the little she has on drugs mainly and making him quite comfortable in the surroundings they find their selves in. She has also made it known to the public that she is into a laundry business which does not provide much to cater for her five kids as she lives in a friend's apartment.

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