"You Appointed Your Daughter As Ambassador" Kenyans Tell DP After His Attacks On Appointed

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When leaders put their family members in government jobs while overlooking eligible minorities, Deputy President William Ruto chastises them.

Leaders should not select their own family members for state roles, the country's No. 2 said in Baringo on Sunday, adding that minority leaders should be given equal opportunity.

"This is what we've been waiting for, Mr. Mkubwa. We've been waiting for you." "It's time to put an end to that kind of culture in Kenya; we need a country where everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in the country's decision-making process," Ruto made the statement.

However, he indicated that minorities would be placed at the forefront of government issues if he were elected president in August to ensure that minorities' participation is equal.

"It is our commitment that minorities will be effectively integrated into all of Kenya's issues through the establishment of a full-fledged commission," he said, so that the problem of minority rights can be brought to government attention.

In the end, though, Kenyans reacted angrily to his comments, claiming that the DP had been made an ambassador.

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