Stunning Pictures of Shaffie Weru And His Daughter Milan

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Radio presenter and super Mcee Shaffie Weru has been in the limelight for over 10 years working gir kiss 100 fm.

Shaffie who is known to having a very flashy life and doesn't fear spending money he has always been controversial when it comes to his baba mamas since he hasn't settled down yet.

Shaffie was once married to former musician and also radio presenter Debbie Asila who now stays in California USA.

They were blessed with a baby girl known as Milan and that girl is the apple of Shaffies eye he has always been there for her. He is a father to 4 children after he lately adopted a baby boy.

Last year Milan graduated in california and Shaffie flew all the way to attend his daughters graduation who is now all grown up she is 13 years old and Debbie was there with them.

Check some of their pictures together

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