Kenya Police Finally Releases A Statement On The 19 Dead Bodies Found Floating In River Yala

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In the past two days Kenyans have been horrified by the story of River Yala. Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi together with Haki Africa showed Kenya what truly happens in Yala. They covered a story of bodies being found floating on the river. Mwangi through his official accounts said that the victims had met their fate through forced disappearance.

Today, Kenya Police has released an official statement concerning the matter. It has first disputed the fact that the 19 bodies were found floating at the same period. The 19 bodies represent the number of bodies retrieved from the river in a period of 2 years.

The department also said that DCI operatives have already been sent to the area to expedite the investigation process. The investigation has faced an hurdle because no one is coming forward to claim the bodies. Even with that, a forensic team will work with speed to identify the victims.

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