Remember the Woman who Removed Her Eyes after taking Drugs, See Her Pictures after the Incident.

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On the 6th of February, 2018. Kaylee Muthart who was 21 years old ripped out her own eyes as a result of the effect of the meth-induced psychotic frenzy.

It is because of such effects of drugs on human that made some countries to totally barn the use of drugs in their country.

I really don't want tell the whole story again because I am sure that you must have read it only. But I am share with you her Pictures after she lost her eyes.

I appreciate her ability to move on with her life and have positive mind, even planning on going back to school to finish her master

Below are her pictures after the incident. She never gave up. But rather she entered rehab and committed to quitting drugs for good.

She plays guitar perfectly well in one online video that I saw.

She recently got artificial eyes known as prosthetic eyeballs and she was super excited in the video.

You can follow the link:

Below are screenshots of her receiving prosthetic eyeballs.

Her new look.

Alex George , her boyfriend was there to witness the process and one can hear his voice saying that Kaylee looked good. He "it melted my heart" I felt so much love, joy, appreciation and thanks to God."

Below are more of her pictures after she received prosthetic eyeballs.

Kaylee and her boyfriend.

According to her: " I just want to appear different to the world"

Although Kaylee has lost her eyes to the effect of hard drugs, she is determined to make drastic change but the bitter truth is that she will have to live.

My advice to those who are still taking such is to stop it. Don't die in silent, open up, there are Organizations who can help you out.

You can end it. Don't ruin your life. You deserve a better life.

Please share with others to see why they need to pull out of drugs.

Such a beautiful woman, but see what drug has done to her.

After what happened, Kaylee, who lives in South Carolina, United States, pledged to turn her life around –

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