Eskom Welcomes NERSA.

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Eskom is pleased to note that the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa), as provided by the Minister of Natural Resources and Energy in February 2020, agreed with the ministerial decision to procure 11 813 MW of electricity generation infrastructure. This is part of the power system to be procured over the years to 2030 as part of the 2019 Integrated Capital Plan (IRP2019).

"This additional generation capacity is desperately needed given the current supply constraints, and will be an significant contribution to stopping load shedding and ensuring the country's energy security," says André de Ruyter, CEO of Eskom. Eskom looks forward to working with the Mineral Resources and Energy Department (DMRE) and the IPP Office to allow accelerated execution to bring additional capacity to the grid within the shortest possible time period. Eskom is also pleased to notice the progress made with the procurement of the emergency power of 2 000 MW, which it hopes will begin to link to the national grid by December 2021.

Although the 2 000MW emergency procurement is a step in the right direction, Eskom would like to emphasize the urgent need to speed up procurement of at least 3 000MW of additional generation capacity to help mitigate the supply constraints that the country is currently experiencing. As Eskom has often said, allowing an emergency procurement of 5 000MW of additional generation capacity is vital to keeping the lights on and helping to power the rebuilding of a Covid-19 pandemic-decimated economy. Incorporating additional generation capacity would also help reduce Eskom 's burden and build space to sustain its ageing power plants while driving a rising economy.

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