Abdul Manaf Nurudeen saves the day for the Black Stars against Chile.

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Abdul Manaf Nurudeen was the hero for the Black Stars this morning in the game against Chile. This is the Black Star's second match in the Kirin Cup Tournament. They lost the first game against Japan by 4 goals to 1. It was redemption time for them against the Chileans. They gave a very good account of themselves under difficult circumstances. To make matters worse for us, we got 2 red cards in the second half. Alidu Seidu and Mubarak Wakaso were sent off leaving the Black Stars with 9 men to finish the match.

Manaf gave a very good account of himself. For me, he is a better choice than Ati Zigi and must go to the world cup. The second half wasn't different and the match had to be decided on penalties. That was when Manaf showed his heroics. He saved 2 spot kicks for us to win 3 - 1 on penalties. His movements show he will be a good penalty stopper. He might be our saviour at the world cup if any of our games had to be decided on penalties.

Even though this was just a single match, he showed a lot of potentials. He needs more minutes to further prove himself. The KAS Eupen stopper is one to keep for the future.

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