C/R ; Carpenter Dies Immediately From An Electric Shock While On Top Of An Uncompleted Building


Unemployment is often cited as a measure of the low employment content of Ghana's strong growth performance over the past three decades. The paper presents evidence to suggest that employment growth in Ghana continues to trail economic growth due to high growth of low employment generating sectors against sluggish growth of high labour absorption sectors. A cross-sectional estimation of a probit regression model also indicates a strong effect of demand factors on unemployment, indicating a weak employment generating impact of economic growth. Empirical analysis also confirms higher vulnerability of youth and urban dwellers to unemployment with education and gender explaining unemployment in some instances. Reservation wage is also observed to have an increasing effect of unemployment. The paper recommends policies that promote investment in agriculture and manufacturing which is associated with higher employment elasticity of output. High incidence of unemployment among the youth and secondary school leavers in the most recent period requires targeted intervention including support for entrepreneurial training and start-up capital to attract young school leavers to become ‘creators’ rather than ‘seekers’ of jobs. A downward review of expectations on the part of jobseekers in terms of their reservation wage could help reduce unemployment in Ghana.

The high rate of unemployment in the public sector in Ghana attests to what had happened in Sanka, in the Central Region,

A young man, electrocuted to death as a result of making ends meet as a man .This man we are talking about here works as a Carpenter to feed himself and his family as a result of the low employment rate in the Government sector in Ghana.

In reference to what happened from eyewitnesses,

On Friday evening, just yesterday he was hired by a customer to roof her small shop for an agreed amount of thirty Ghana cedis.

As he climbed on top of the building, there was a high tension wire which was right above the building but he ignored with care and continued with the work.

Within some few hours, the young man who is believed to be at the age 25 was seen shouting on top of his voice. Unfortunately for him, he was shock by a wire on top of the roof and he died just like that leaving behind the propose payment and his family.

See pictures of the unfortunate death of the unskilled labouring Carpenter below.

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