Call The Police Immediately If You See This Black Dot On The Palm Of People You Meet.

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We are living in the twenty-first century, a time when no one wants to be the victim of someone else's out-of-control temper, nor do we want to live in constant terror just because we have chosen to live with a specific individual, as was the case in the twentieth century. Recently, there has been a growing trend in the globe where people are attempting to raise awareness about what others are going through while in the care of their loved ones.

Domestic violence is something that is strongly discouraged in today's society, but it appears that some individuals are still unsure of how to recognize those who are continuously being mistreated by those who are supposed to be protecting them from harm. As a result, the "Black Dot" campaign was launched on social media as a means of raising awareness and identifying those who are victims of abuse. The Facebook group has amassed over 1.5k members, many of whom have tattooed black dots on their hands as a method of making a quiet statement about domestic abuse.

In order to assist individuals in reaching out to the police and reporting incidents of domestic abuse, the campaign has been created.

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