Hessy Wa Dandora Leaks A Sad Story About One Of The 5 Gangsters Shot Dead In Kakamega


Cases of theft, robbery and violence has gradually continued to become predominant in the society. This happens as more youths have continued falling for the trap being oriented into gangster squads. As this happens, we can definitely recall the 5 thugs who were shot dead at Kakamega county. Hessy Wa Dandora has revealed a very sad story about one of them who was called Gitosh.

Speaking in the official Nairobi Crime and Crime Free Zone Facebook page, Hessy Wa Dandora has revealed a photo of the first theft attempt which backfired back in 2018. This was after Gitosh broke in several shops and restaurants stealing valuables. 

Gitosh was charged after being concluded being a notorious gangster. Gitosh is believed to have come from a well off family that played their cards well to get him out of court. It's too unfortunate that Gitosh might have been looking for his death before he met it in Kakamega. It's high time parents come clean and stop defending their morally spoilt children.

Vigedi kenya_public@operanewshub.com