3 things you can do to make girls easily like you(Read More)


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1. Show that you're a reliable person: every woman needs a reliable man, someone who can be there for her always and protect her also. Some guys will start thinking how can I become a reliable person, being reliable is by willing to help of she needs some assistance and also always fulfill your promise, don't fail, all this I just said can boost youe chances if you do them. 

2. Make sure she knows you spending enough time with her: when you having feelings for a lady and you spend so much time with her make sure you let her know, make sure you are spending and at least make sure you always make her laugh when ever you with her, if not you just wasting your time. 

3. Some guys after they must have done everything to impress a lady and she did not notice them, they feel like they should just give up. Always be patients and when u are patient keep showing that you are till that loving and caring person. That's how to make a lady fall in love with you, some ladys normally fear to go into a relationship while some have never dated a guy before but the way you act towards them can make her change her mind. 

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