Clean sheets on last 2 caf games


Wayne Sandilands

Ahli Benghazi 0-0 Orlando Pirates

Orlando Pirates 3-0 Ahli Benghazi

2 Matches

2 Cleansheet

What's on your mind?

Kabelo Dimo Moela: I love soccer but I rather watch CAF champions league than CAF confederations. The teams participating are weaker than Glad Africa league.

Bro'Skhu Bucs Zola: Sysduduza fans Are Back with Noise pollution while Lord K is awaiting for them same time like last season AT 3pm.

Ritah Oj Marake Mokwena: Am I the First Orlando pirates supporter to Comment πŸ€”πŸ€” ❓ I love you man and come Thursday show this mutherfucker Who You Really Are πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š-πŸ‘Š

Mbongeni Vilakazi: Mxm shame who cares abt those Mickey Mouse who are playing for peanuts confed what the fuck is that .

MoAfrika Wa Azania Mabihi: Admin where did you heard the results ? As far as I know it was 6-0 or maybe you were still @Suncity prison.

C'hleeh Nakzirist Mthembu: Indeed their presence would have been much appretiated ... But Jordan is jst making an excuse ! In other words those players that were selected to replace those so called overseas are useless? ...let's just accept the fact we failed.