The 23 signs of good health

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1. The skin and eyes are clear and shiny

2. The teeth, gums, nails and hair are strong

3. Breath and body odor are not bad

4. Meals digest well - you have little or no gas, bloating, heartburn, etc.

5. You sleep soundly with few interruptions

6. When you wake up, you feel in good shape, with a good level of energy throughout the day

7. The stools are regular and appear normal

8. The urine is clear

9. Wounds and bruises heal quickly

10. Joints and muscles flex easily

11. The blood pressure is within the norms

12. Blood circulation is efficient

13. Your body temperature is constant

14. Little to no craving for certain types of food and drink

15. A healthy weight adapted to your height

16. You are rarely affected by colds, flu and other infections.

17. Your thoughts are clear with good memory and good ability to concentrate.

18. A uniform and balanced mood

19. Ability to tolerate stress well

20. Ability to perform simple and moderate exercises, such as walking, without great fatigue and severe shortness of breath

21. You have no significant bodily ailments for more than 2 weeks

22. No heart palpitation at rest

23. Your breath is clear and deep

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