The Year Is Still Young To Get Married; See These Wedding Reception Decorations To Stir Up Your Mood


Have you ever been invited to a wedding reception only to arrive at the venue with the decor not as you expected? We all sometimes get disappointed when the reception decor of a wedding we have been invited to doesn't look like how e expected the place to be. There are many colors in this world. The Almighty God intentionally made it that way so that we humans will be happy and amused when we see such beautiful colors in the universe.

But there is a little problem, do you know what it is? The problem is that many people do not know how they can blend different colors to get an amazing color combination. Are you also thinking the what am thinking?

Do you know that certain colors blend very well than others? Take the decor right above you for instance. The color blend you see there is turquoise green and peach. These two colors with a touch of white make a wonderful combination that Is rare to come by.

Also, as you can see from the above picture, mauve and white blend perfectly. Are you asking yourself how just two colors(mauve and white) can give such a great color blend? Well, am asking myself the same question.

It isn't everybody that loves to blend bright colors. I know several people are like me out there who loves to blend dark colors like turquoise green, black, and a touch of white. So, how do you find the decor below? Amazing right?

Lemon green, hot pink, and baby pink are also 3 colors that blend well. If you are looking for something more colorful, just think of these 3 colors, you will love them.