Inaki Williams' Announcement Video To Play For The Black Stars Has 2.6 Million Views Already

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Atletico Bilbao's top class striker, Inaki Williams has accepted to play for the Black Stars of Ghana and he announced this in a video on his twitter platform. He revealed this on his twitter platform at 6:00pm and as at now the announcement video has already gained over 2.6 millions views.

As at 10:00am, the video that has got so many football fans in Ghana and other countries to talk has gained popularity on several social media platforms but his post on twitter has generated over 2.6 million views. Currently, as it stands the Inaki Williams' announcement video will reach 3 million views in no time.

Inaki Williams and his brother Nico Williams have been the Black Stars' targets for some time now and fortunately the player and the Ghana Football Association confirmed that Inaki will now play for the Black Stars.

Now, players such as Southampton's top defender Mohammed Salisu, Brighton's right back Tariq Lamptey and Inaki Williams have agreed to play for the Black Stars.

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