ANC has become an embarrassment as they fail to give sensible explaination for the R22 Million Flag

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ANC has become an embarrassment to the people as they keep wasting money on unnecessary things while the country is swimming in debts.

For starters, to waste millions on a flag while the rate of unemployment has hit the ceiling shows how incompetent and lost our leaders are.

No one will benefit from the erection

of the pole, yet they say, they are the party that serves people.

Nathi Mthethwa has failed to give informative information on the new flag that is to be erected.

" Education, man is proud of this shamble. We have hit the rock bottom", one said.

"How are you expected to be patriotic about a flag when you don't even have food or a job?, Why are these people so out of touch", another commented.

These incidents that keeps happening while ANC is in charge should give people more reasons to vote ANC out in the next elections because they have failed the people.

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