With Anambra And Ebonyi Having An Airport, People Won't Visit Enugu Again Except For Prayers- Mbaka


The South Eastern part of the country is known for the lack of the presence of the federal government of Nigeria when it comes to infrastructure. Most federal infrastructures and facilities in the South East have dilapidated without any hope of resuscitation. The only Niger bridge connecting the South West to the South East is becoming weak. We don't know when the New Niger bridge will be ready for use. The New Niger bridge has been under construction since Goodluck Jonathan era.

It's so unfortunate that the South Eastern part of the country has been neglected for so many years now and nothing is being done to remedy this ugly situation. But thanks to some South Eastern Governors who are seriously working for the betterment of their various states. One of such governor is Engineer Dave Umahi who is the executive Governor of Ebonyi state. Ebonyi state is undoubtedly the best Eastern state when it comes to infrastructures. You can visit the state to see for yourself.

Dave Umahi is building one of the first ever airport in Ebonyi state. The airport is still under construction and below are some of the pictures from the construction site.

Another Governor that is building another airport in the South East is Willie Maduabuchi Obiano who is building one in Umueri in Anambra state. Below are some of the pictures from the the construction site.

Few hours ago, a viral video showing Father Mbaka praising Governor Dave Umahi for his works in Ebonyi generated plenty of reactions online. Father Mbaka said that Enugu State will only be visited only for prayers when Ebonyi and Anambra state finally have their own airport. He made the statement after visiting Ebonyi state and seeing all the infrastrucural development happening in the state. Mbaka was so impressed with what he saw in the state ranging from good roads and good connecting flyovers.

What do you have to say about the above comment from Father Mbaka? Let me hear from you in the comment box below.

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