Signs And Symptoms Of Worm Infestation You Should Not Ignore

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Worm infestation occurs in humans when parasitic or intestinal worms live and grow inside the body. It can cause lots of diseases and illnesses.

Some lifestyle habits can cause worm infestation in the body. Some of them include but are not limited to swimming in a pool with untreated water, walking barefoot on the lawn, eating with filthy hands, and so on.

There are some categories of worms that can lead to illnesses or worm infestation, however, each worm infection has its symptoms and signs. 

1. Roundworm infection

Roundworm is usually found in human feces and can be transmitted from hand to mouth. If it is transmitted into the body, it leads to fever, diarrhoea, and dry cough. 

2. Pinworm infection

Pinworm infestation is the most common roundworm infection. It can lead to painful urination and itching especially around the anus.

3. Tapeworm infection

This infection is caused by eating undercooked or raw as well as drinking contaminated water. Some of the symptoms of tapeworm include loss of appetite, vomiting, and nausea.

4. Flukes infection

Flukes infection is caused by drinking contaminated water. However, the signs of this infection are mostly liver-related problems like abnormally large liver. 

5. Hookworm infection

When soil is infested with hookworm larvae, there is a high possibility of transmitting hookworm infection if walk barefooted. This type of infection can lead to anaemia, coughing, wheezing, and so on. 

6. Trichinosis infection

One of the most common roundworms that affect humans is trichinosis worms. It can steer to muscle aches, swelling of the eyes or face, heart problems, difficulty in moving, or joint pain. 

Everyone who begins to observe these symptoms and signs should seek medical attention immediately. 

Source: Medicinenet

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