Don't Be Quick to Judge Shatta, This Is What He Really Mean


Events in the country has been tense lately. From broad daylight robbery to shooting and killing policemen by armed robbers has caused a bit of stir in the nation.

Ghanaians were still brooding over the killing of the police constable when another unpleasant news of the killing of a #fixthecountry campaigner, Kakaa, added salt to their injury. The worst was yet to come, when some of the aggrieved youth who were registration their displeasure about the events that unfolded met their ultimately demise, after they had a confrontation with the men in uniform at Ejura.

Various celebrities have been using their platforms to express their misgivings about the situation in the country.

Self acclaimed dancehall king, Shatta Wale's comments on social seems not to have gone down well lots of Ghanaians, who have lash out and pour their disappointed towards his comments.

However, it seems the "1don" hit maker is not understood and people are talking him out of context.

The essence of his comments seems to suggest that we should try to vary our tackics of engaging "the powers that be" to have our our concern heard, rather focusing on taking them on, which seems not to be working.

And if our efforts of "fighting" would work, we should be seeing results by now.

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